3 Amazing Clickfunnels Ecommerce Examples

If you are looking for clickfunnels ecommerce examples, you’ve come to the right place.

Today I’m going to be showing you my top five favorite finals that I’ve seen recently, and sharing what I like about them.

Not only that but I will be educating you on clickfunnels for ecommerce in general, along with providing some Clickfunnel ecommerce templates for you to use for yourself.

Clickfunnel Ecommerce Funnels 101

So what the heck is a funnel? A funnel is a website with multiple layers or steps. Instead of the traditional website where someone goes to a product page > checkout page and thank you page. A funnel is a series of steps where you can sell more products.

The clickfunnels platform was originally built for people selling digital products, however savvy entrepreneurs selling physical products realized they can reap the same benefits as digital product sellers.

The main benefits of using a funnel rather than a traditional checkout process, is a higher conversion rate and a higher average order value.

Okay, now that you know the basics lets get to the examples!

1) Clickfunnels Bundle Ecommerce Example

clickfunnel dropshipping ecommerce example

The first e-commerce example on our list is Carafaceclean. This seems to be a drop shipping friend who is selling his physical health gadget. And they are reaping the rewards of using Clickfunnels.

Where most people are selling this item for around $20. They are selling a bundle for much more.

You’ll notice in the screenshot (or if you visit their website) that they are selling a bundle.

They also do an OK job “preselling” you on this first page. Plus, after you purchase this, you will likely be presented with multiple upsell offers!

2) Full Dropshipping Clickfunnels Ecommerce Example

clickfunnel ecommerce example caresole

This site, caresole.com, appears to be a e-commerce drop shipping store that has went all in on click funnels. They have multiple pages, selling multiple different products. Their homepage appears to be their main funnel. Where it starts as a pre-sale page for a foot insert product. And then goes on to upsell multiple times before checkout process is complete.

Their copy and page design is one of the better examples I have run across while during doing this research. And it appears this company is doing very well.

clickfunnel ecommerce example caresole

I noticed they have aggressive upsells, and they also have separate mini funnels (shown above) where they sell similar products.

Page here: www.caresole.com/mini-massager

If you are looking for great dropshipping inspiration, I would recommend studying this company. But first — read the rest of this article. You don’t want to miss the bonuses at the bottom!

3) Free Giveaway Clickfunnels Ecom Example

clickfunnel ecom example usmedmask

Another Clickfunnels e-commerce example I ran across recently was this one. For context, I am writing this in August 2020. And unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic is still happening. The people behind this brand seem to be exploding that fact by selling masks on click funnels. Their website is not designed well in my opinion, but they are likely still doing well because they have a convincing “free giveaway” offer.

Bonus Hack: Find more Clickfunnel Ecom Stores and Examples

Now that you made it to the bottom of this article, I want to let you in on a little secret. There is a free website that you can use to find more click funnel e-commerce examples! It is called my IP, and how it works is it across the web for websites with a specific IP address. If you click this link it will take you to this website and automatically show you some of the click funnel powered websites. You will notice most of them are selling digital products, but you can still find e-commerce examples in here. And you can learn from all of the websites listed.

If you want me to share more tricks like this please leave a comment on this blog post and share it.

Clickfunnel ecommerce templates (Bonus 2)

If you are looking for Clickfunnel e-commerce templates, I have good news for you!

We have a bunch!

Please read here if you want to see a bunch of good for e-commerce templates.

We have prepared a few, including the following.

  1. A a free plus shipping click funnel e-commerce template.
  2. A single page ecom funnel template.
  3. And even Clickfunnels e-commerce funnel with PayPal integrated template.



We hope you found these clickfunnels ecommerce examples helpful, along with the free bonuses. If you enjoyed, please leave a comment!

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