8 Best Clickfunnels Ecommerce Template Funnels

Are you looking for clickfunnels ecommerce funnel templates?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are the top clickfunnels templates for e-commerce that we’ve found this year!

Below are paid Clickfunnel templates. These look a little prettier looking than the free funnel templates, which we will show you the section at the bottom!

1) eCommerce StoreFront Funnel

A high converting full website that allows you to edit and manage from Storefront, Product Thank You page, and High Converting Checkout Page. This template does cost $97 but has good reviews that make it worth it.

eCommerce Storefront Funnel (Preview and Download)


2) Beauty / Make Up / Skincare Product Funnel

Four-Step Funnel Process Ready With a Click of a Button that gives you high conversion with upselling and down-sell. A drag and drop template that also provides Free + Shipping 2 step Tripwire Funnel that will give the best experience to your customers. This template costs $297 but a super simple to customize designed by Simon Naylor.

Beauty / Make Up / Skincare Product Funnel (Preview and Download)


3) Two-Step Tripwire Funnel:: GORDON

The Two-Step Tripwire Funnel is a Dark and Sophisticated, Gordon Theme is a bold statement to your brand that iterates importance and posture. Establish your position in the market with Gordon Theme. This Funnel is FREE; however, it contains Custom CSS or JavaScript, which requires you to get a developer or 3rd party assistance if you need customization.

Two-Step Tripwire Funnel:: GORDON (Preview and Download)


4) eCommerce Funnel by Simon Naylor

This multiple step funnel includes a great Sales page followed by one upsell page and a thank you page. This template does cost $147 but has good reviews that make it worth it or you can build a similar version yourself for free!

eCommerce Funnel by Simon Naylor (Preview and Download)

5) Free + Shipping eCommerce Funnel

A Four-Step Funnel Process Ready with an upsell page and the template is easy to edit and customize. This template costs $147 and has excellent reviews that make it worth getting.

Free + Shipping eCommerce Funnel (Preview and Download)


Free Ecommerce Funnel Templates

Okay, now lets get to the good stuff!

The free clickfunnel ecommerce templates!

While they’re not the prettiest, they do the job. And sometimes, keeping it simple converts better anyways!


6) Simple Clickfunnel Ecommerce Funnel Template


If you’re looking for a funnel that just works, look no more! This simple and easy to use template includes a landing page, a sales page, an upsell page and a thank you page! Great for your first ecommerce funnel in clickfunnels.

Download it here


7) Free Plus Shipping Funnel Template

Looking for a great free plus shipping template example? Look no further! I like this template because it’s simple and has a nice loading bar for a sense of urgency. And it’s free!

Download it here

8) Single Product Funnel (with paypal)

This single product ecommerce funnel is great if you’d like to use paypal (along with a standard credit card) in your checkout. Clickfunnels “integrates” with Paypal, but getting the Paypal button in your web page is a pain in the 🍑! So, we did it for you in this free ecom template! Enjoy.


More free Clickfunnels templates for e-commerce:

Clickfunnels has a market place for people to buy and sell templates, for any industry. Simply visit their marketplace and search for terms like “upsell funnel” or “ecommerce” to find more templates!


Your turn

We hope this article was helpful. Feel free to learn more about why to use clickfunnels for ecommerce and comment your thoughts below!

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