5 Reasons to Use Clickfunnels for Ecommerce

Thinking about using clickfunnels for ecommerce?

If so, you’re a smart marketer.

Using Clickfunnels for eCommerce and Shopify businesses is one of the most over-looked opportunities for this year.

Here’s 7 reasons why you should consider using Clickfunnels for your eCommerce business.

1) Increase Average Order Value with “funnels”

Example of upsell page

Most e-commerce sites just have a product page, order page and thank you page. But when you work so hard to get a new customer, you need to maximize your average order value. And that’s where “sales funnels” come in. Clickfunnels allows you to build a series of pages to sell more stuff.

For example, instead of the traditional e-commerce 3-step checkout process like:
Product page > order page > thank you page

You can add upsell pages into the mix like this:
Product page > order page > Upsell page  >thank you page

One Shopfunnel.io customer who did this, increased their average order value from 34.99 to 47.89 from this simple addition!

2) More Unique Marketing Campaigns

Example of free plus shipping offer

Using clickfunnels also empowers you to create and launch more unique marketing campaigns!

For example, you can create a “Free plus shipping” promotion – that your customers have likely never seen.

Once someone opt’s in to the “free plus shipping” offer, they are now on your email list. Or you can even upsell them another product on the backend.

The options are truly endless, and as you can image, you can get really creative with your offers.

This gives you an advantage over your competitors because they are likely not running these types of promotions yet.

But that wont be true forever — so take advantage now!

3) Analyze and Increase Your Conversion Rate

Clickfunnels has simple, built in analytic tools that allow you to track and increase your conversion rate.

The e-commerce industry average conversion rate is around 2%.

But with clickfunnels, we’ve seen upwards of 3 or 4%!

This is likely because clickfunnels visual editor makes it easier to A/B test landing pages to improve conversions over time.

4) Automate your sales process

Sales funnels are powerful automation tools that offer a great way to help you convert prospects into leads into customers.

But it’s also allows you to perform advanced marketing tasks. You can segment lists. Offer differing email sequences.

And direct the automation in a variety of avenues based on the consumer’s interaction. All within clickfunnels, using their email tool called “Actionetics”.


Ready to start using clickfunnels for ecommerce?

Hopefully you’re ready to grow your business faster!

Before you go, here are a few honorable mentions…

Clickfunnel Ecommerce Templates:

Fun fact! Did you know we created a bunch of clickfunnel templates for our customers?

Go take a look and download them for free!

Another great resource for templates is the Clickfunnels marketplace.

Try searching “ecommerce clickfunnel templates” here! You will find a handful of different clickfunnel ecommerce examples. Most of these are funnels which would be a great addition to running side by side with your Shopify store.

You can browse the clickfunnel market place for ecommerce page templates. It has some free and some paid templates.

You can also check out our awesome post on Clickfunnel Ecommerce Templates for some other templates.

Shopify vs Clickfunnels:

Don’t get it twisted, though; you can’t exactly replace Shopify with clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is just a landing page tool where shopify is a platform that supports order fulfillment and other business operations/logistics that you can’t get (as an eCommerce business) with Clickfunnels.

So if you’re asking “which is better clickfunnels or Shopify”… you’re asking the wrong question. E-commerce merchants/Shopify stores should only use Clickfunnels as a tool to sell more product and increase order value.

Clickfunnels and Shopify Integration:

Our app allows you to use clickfunnels and Shopify Integration seamlessly. Go to shopfunnel.io to learn more!

Good luck!


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