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Clickfunnels Shopify Integration Not Working? Solved!

Let me guess, your Clickfunnels Shopify integration is not working?

Yeah. You’re not alone.

The official Clickfunnels integration is a massive headache. It’s supposed to send orders from Clickfunnels to Shopify, but it doesn’t work exactly like most people want.

Here are the three main problems with Clickfunnels official integration with Shopify.

1) No Order Notification / Shopify emails

Shopify Clickfunnel Integration Problem 1

When you use the Clickfunnels native Shopify integration there’s a big issue when an order shows up in Shopify. It doesn’t send the Shopify thank you emails. Or any of the shipment update emails.

They expect you to use Clickfunnel’s emails or manually send emails.

As you can imagine, this is a huge issue. And will result in chargebacks and customer complaints.

Read more about this integration problem here.

2) No Order Merging

No order merging with shopify clickfunnel integration

Imagine this, Joe is checking out on your Funnel. On your main page he buys your gym shoes. A on your upsell page, the same customer Joe buys a t-shirt too.

With the official Clickfunnels Shopify Integration, this funnel order will appear in Shopify as TWO SEPARATE ORDERS.

In your Shopify orders, you will see Joe will have one order for the gym shoes. And one order for the t-shirt.

Huge problem!

If you have a funnel with an upsell page, or the option to buy multiple items in one order, Clickfunnels will send each item purchased as a separate Shopify order.

This will complicate your fulfillment process, Shopify analytics, and cause massive headaches.

3) Fulfillment and third-party tools break

You can probably imagine what workflows and tools will break as a result of this flawed native integration.

One customer, who was a dropshipper, reported problems using Aliexpress and Oberlo for fulfillment as orders appeared separately.

Another customer said their analytics were skewed, resulting in customers falling into the incorrect email automation segment.


Working Solution

Download Shopfunnel.io – it’s a shopify app that allows you to integrate Clickfunnels and Shopify, and it solves all three issues discussed here.

Shopfunnel Integration app working functionality and features likeincludes features

Order merging – so all of your upsells go to shopify as one order.
Shopify emails – to trigger default Shopify emails if you’d like.
Much more!


Download today and get started for free!

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