Etsy SEO: 12 Secrets For Fast Result

Etsy SEO Secret Tips 2020

Have you decided to open an Etsy shop this 2020 and sell handmade products? It is indeed easy to open a shop online. However, starting your just half the battle. Getting customers is the second half! And that’s where Etsy SEO comes into play!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary process that can help improve your Etsy shop’s visibility. It’s how people find your product listings in search engine results. SEO is primarily talked about for sites like Google, Yahoo, etc. But Etsy has its own search engine, so it’s important to know the similarities and differences.

You know, Etsy has more than 2.5 million sellers selling goods through the Etsy platform last 2019, and up from 2.1 million active sellers in the previous year.  So, why is it important to invest in Etsy SEO? Simply because there are 47.12 million active Etsy shoppers worldwide, and according to Marketplace Pulse, active shoppers or buyers is a person who purchases at least one item in the last 12 months and year-over-year there is 15% growth of active shoppers in the platform. Now that it’s clear SEO is a fantastic method of driving new customers let’s dive into the best strategies!

Etsy SEO number of active buyers 2020

1. Do SEO Keyword Research First

The first step to succeeding with SEO is doing the proper research! Once you know what customers will search for, you can include those keywords in your product listings. So, first, let’s discuss how to find your target keywords. The simple version of this is to ask yourself, what are my customers going to search for? This is a helpful thought exercise to have.

Another great strategy for doing keyword research is through the “alphabet soup autocomplete” strategy. You see, Etsy will auto-complete your search term as you type it in. And they use the most popular search terms, in the autocomplete results. So by simply starting to type in a keyword and let the autocomplete show you results, you can find the most popular search terms!

Once you find the best keywords, you can use it in your title and the most at the first sentence of your item description to rank for the search terms! The search terms that people use will help your Etsy SEO boost, and your product is likely to appear on the top search engines.

For more competitive search terms, using “long tail” keywords is an option to consider. Even though there is more traffic when you use generic or short-tail keywords, the competition is less on longer tail keywords, and can also result in more sales, because the search phrase is more specific! Try to use longtail product keywords that have a particular niche that directs to your shop.

Long Tail Keywords for Etsy Success by Alissa Rose: 


2. Use SEO Tools

Etsy’s SEO tool is designed to provide shoppers with items they are looking for. There are two stages in how it works first; Query matching is merely how well a user’s search term matches Etsy’s inventory listings. When a shopper enters a keyword, Etsy sorts through listings titles, tags, and categories to find the best match. While rankings in search results, Etsy uses information about each listing to display items that shoppers are most likely to purchase earlier.

3. Leverage Etsy SEO Services

As a seller in Etsy, you have to leverage the services and free tools that Etsy provided. You can use and maximize Etsy resources to improve your visibility. It will help you to become more knowledgeable about the business and the products you are selling.

4. Don’t hesitate to seek for SEO expert’s help when necessary.

Asking for help when needed, is a massive step in your business. Hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert through agencies or individuals will help your website drive enormous traffic and improve your keyword ranking in google search engine results. It will also help to increase the profit of your store. If you want to compete in an involving and challenging market of e-commerce, SEO is critical. It is the kind of investment you want to put on your business and commit.

5. Find new ideas in “Etsy SEO Reddit.”

Reddit is one of the most underrated forums on the web! The Etsy Reddit group is full of great SEO ideas. It includes blogs to read, reviews, and tips on that are constructive. Gaining knowledge through other’s experiences is often free resources that people can maximize to improve the customer experience and improve the visibility of your Etsy Shop’s SEO. Through this, you can even find new ideas from your competitors. 

Etsy SEO secret tips is to find a topic on Reddit

6. Off-page SEO for Etsy

You may be thinking that you are good to go once you have a well-written listing and use relevant keywords. No, it is not only that. Backlinking can also help your listings. Having well-built backlinks to your Etsy store is the most effective way to bring in more quality traffic.

Etsy, similar to another e-commerce website, wants to gain traffic and users. This is real-deal networking on the Etsy site and getting your shop featured on different blogs. Etsy platform loves it when you bring traffic into the leading Etsy site, and they will reward you for it with higher search placement.

Remember, creating backlinks to your product listing pages is undoubtedly an effective strategy. But remember to keep these links relevant to your product!

7. SEO Generator Tools

SEO generators are the tools you can use to get more related keywords for your Etsy shop. It will help you improve your rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. There are tools available for free you can maximize, like seoreviewtools.com, keywordtool.io, and semrush.com, to name a few.

Etsy SEO secret tips is to use Keywordtool.io a SEO website tool

8. Etsy SEO Shop Title

Once you do your proper keyword research that we discussed in the first section, it’s good to maximize your Shop title for SEO! Your shop title appears under your shop name and can be up to 55 characters. Make sure you use all 55 characters at your disposal!

The more lengthy of a title, the more opportunity you have to rank for keywords. Your shop title will also become the website’s “Page title” for your shop page.

This is usually a text a person sees in the search engine that appears related to your shop.

It is a great creative description of your shop and the items you sell with slogan and tagline. Using the right keywords in your shop and item description will also appear on the search engine and improve your SEO tenfold!

9. Etsy SEO Tips

There are tons of blogs, articles, and videos of tips that tackle Etsy SEO. On their site itself, Etsy provides a forum and Etsy blog that helps their sellers how to optimize their product listings.

10. Etsy SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important procedure that can help improve the visibility of your Etsy shop and your product item listed in search engine results for sites like Google, Yahoo, etc.

SEO is often complicated. Search engines frequently change how search terms are searched and the criteria for what comes up in a search. There is no assurance that your shop will appear at the top of google search results. However, there are some best tips that you can use to help improve your Etsy shop’s SEO.

  • Use familiar keywords on your shop and item description.
  • Your listing title and description are a critical part of your item listing pages.
  • Focus on selecting a great and trending product to sell in your shop.
  • Pay attention to your Etsy shop section; your section has a different landing page that will also appear on search engines.
  • Make an original and catchy Etsy Shop title based on your chosen keywords.

11. Maximize Esty SEO Tools 

Etsy has a ton of tools available to help increase your products’ SEO rankings. One of the free analytic tools offered by Etsy is the Etsy Stats, which you can access by clicking on Stats under Shop Manager.

There are three useful tabs included in Stats; Traffic, Listings, and Customers.

  • Traffic provides the data on traffic sources, keywords customers used to find your listing, and the pages most often viewed within your website. You can use the data to see which keywords are often working for your shop and how customers are often finding your products.
  • Listings break down your product inventory by favorites, orders, and visits. You can use this to identify your most successful items and concentrate your efforts on them.
  • Customers analyze the demographic visits of your store. The result provides valuable insight into your visitors’ interests and allows you to target related keywords.

Use the Etsy SEO stats as a secret tips

Learn more about Etsy Stats and interpret your Etsy shop’s stats to understand where your store traffic is coming from, which product listings are the best performing, and what your customers are usually interested in. 

12. Etsy SEO 2020: Study Trends

Make sure you always check the updates of Etsy every year, or even month! It is essential to know that as your shop or business grows, so as the Etsy platform. One of many ways to do this is to follow the Etsy Blog and their twitter account. Another strategy is to find (and study) your top competitors (or any big shop) on Etsy. Take note of how they name their products, what their description looks like, etc.

You may be wondering how frequently do things change? Well, Etsy is always making changes to the platform to optimize its services and offer the best possible user experience. Etsy’s frequent changes are on its algorithm to show buyers more and more relevant results.

The fundamentals stay the same, but new tricks and techniques appear (or disappear) quite frequently.

As sellers, we are the ones who control an essential part of this puzzle. We write the titles and make the descriptions of the products, which is a determining factor in matching our articles with the buyers’ searches. Therefore, for the process of Etsy SEO to be useful.


Implement & Be Patient!

Having a great and winning strategy can surely attract more traffic to your store, but optimizing your website is a different story. Etsy SEO takes time, but once you capitalize on your SEO, results will come!

Now you have a clearer understanding of how you can optimize your SEO and get a fast result on how to rank higher on Etsy. Hopefully, through this information, you are one step ahead of the competition and on your way to getting more conversion.


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