7 Etsy Inventory Spreadsheets Templates (Free downloads)

Are you looking Etsy spreadsheet template? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re going to show you some free and some paid options in this template-packed resource.

If you are a new eCommerce seller and just opened up your Etsy shop, you want to have a system for your Etsy Inventory Spreadsheet before you get quickly overwhelmed with financial paperwork and get the bookkeeping in place. 

Accounting does not come naturally to many people, and it’s certainly something that most of us do not want to spend our free time doing. But keeping track and organizing your shop finances and inventory will keep your business organized and compliant!

The Etsy Inventory Spreadsheet helps the seller to automate and simplify their monthly bookkeeping process. This kind of tool compiles your business’s revenue, expenses, and tracking sales each month, calculates net profit, and generates reports quickly and easily. It should also measure the growth of your business over time. You must have a system solution that provides information that you have on hand, track seasonal and other trends and calculate the value of your inventory. These features offer insights on the health of your business and are essential to its continued growth. 

Without the help of a working inventory spreadsheet, you could be making poor decisions, resulting in your business expense. An efficient system you figure out how to keep track of Etsy sales, and keep your business operating smoothly.

Free Etsy spreadsheet Templates

We made a list of FREE inventory spreadsheets where you can track orders, sales, customer details, and much more to help your business.

1. Microsoft Excel Office Templates

Microsoft gives a FREE Inventory List template that has several useful columns and sheets. These include item description as well as the price, quantity, reorder levels, time to reorder, and whether an item is discontinued. 

Microsoft Office gives a FREE Inventory List template

Pros: Ready-made inventory list template with formulated calculations. Ideal for small and start-up businesses with basic columns needed. 

Cons: Microsoft office inventory list template is only limited with few tabs and calculations. It is not ideal for a growing Etsy business that offers many products in the market and has a high volume of sales. 

2. Smartsheet Template

Smartsheet provides a FREE Basic Inventory Control template. They offer a range of FREE Excel spreadsheets that are useful to small businesses. The Basic Inventory Template has columns and calculations in place to identify and track product inventory, etc. 

FREE Basic Inventory Control template

Pros: Inventory control template gives you the basic columns that you need for your business. It is suitable for small and start-up Etsy owners who would like to start recording their product supplies.

Cons: Smartsheet’s free basic inventory control template requires you to use their app. The template itself also does not support a high volume of sales and has limited tabs and columns to offer. They also have paid templates that are quite expensive if you want to upgrade from the Free inventory spreadsheet. 

3. Stock Inventory Template  by Smartsheet

This free inventory template is FREE from Smartsheet. It is a detailed workbook that goes beyond the average inventory spreadsheet. It offers more tabs to track vendors, product inventory, and track items on order. 

Stock Inventory template

Pros: This template offers different columns and more tabs for control, tracking of stock supplies. It also has a template for inventory items and provides a stock vendor list that will be very helpful. 

Cons:  Similar to other free templates, this excel spreadsheet is only accessible on desktop and not mobile-friendly. It may provide more tabs to manage the inventory of your Etsy products, but it still does consume more time to work on basic templates rather than having a paid subscription. 

4. TradeGecko’s Inventory Management Spreadsheet

This inventory management spreadsheet is free to use, and they offer amazing tips on managing your inventory using Excel. These include products, purchases, sales, and view all of your data in a beautifully designed report from the dashboard right inside the workbook. 

TradeGecko's inventory management spreadsheet

Tradegecko also offers Free business management tools to grow your business. 

Pros: Tradegecko’s free spreadsheet has smooth Integrations, and that will simplify inventory management.  It will allow you to manage purchase orders and track your sales, and to understand the performance of your business through the generated reports. If you decide to subscribe to their paid software, they have an awesome Shopify plugin that makes your life a lot easier. 

Cons: However, TradeGecko’s spreadsheet is only limited to only smartphone apps. It is also a browser-based software that is somewhat slow. Their paid subscription is also not cheap. 

We also made a list of PAID inventory spreadsheets with a free trial period where you can purchase once you have a growing online business. Paid inventory spreadsheets are ideal for businesses with an increasing number of sales. 

5. Zoho

Zoho Inventory Spreadsheet is an online application that enables you to manage the orders and your inventory. With multi-channel selling, shipping integrations, and powerful inventory control, you can now optimize your inventory and order management, from purchase to packing, to payments. 

Zoho offers a FREE version with great user experience and provides full access to all features but limits only the number of items that can be managed through it. You can also subscribe monthly on their software to maximize the tools, but it is optional. Zoho Inventory pricing starts at $49.00 to $249.00 per month after the FREE 14 day trial period. There is a free version. Zoho Inventory offers a free trial

Zoho Inventory Spreadsheet

Pros: Zoho provides different software that plugins and work seamlessly to each other to help your business grow. Zoho Inventory integrates with multiple Shopify stores, and It is Cloud-based. 

Cons: Zoho pricing plans are a little prohibitive for a small business. The software also can not work offline under any circumstances, and some features are not customizable. 

6. Craftybase 

Craftybase is an inventory spreadsheet designed completely for handmade Etsy shop owners. It is effortless to track your materials and products to concentrate on your business and what you do best. They offer a 14 day trial period for FREE with a starting cost of $9.00 to $25.00 per month depending on your package.

Craftybase is handy due to its cloud spreadsheet and will work anywhere you are. It automatically imports all your Etsy listings, orders, and fees each night so that you can start your day with all the information at hand. Craftybase provides guidance on pricing that helps you to always be on top of your margins and profits. 

Craftybase inventory spreadsheet

Pros: Best for sellers of handmade products who wish to track their product and material inventory, COGS, and bookkeeping. Craftybase is easy to navigate and easy to integrate with multiple sales channels. 

Cons: There are a lot of unnecessary buttons to press to complete one task. And it’s not really a Etsy spreadsheet template, its more of a software tool.

7. Etsy Seller’s Inventory Management Excel Template

Etsy Sellers offers different templates of Inventory Spreadsheet that can be very helpful for the newbie in the business. If you are looking for an Inventory spreadsheet template that is very budget-friendly, you can get it from the Etsy website itself with a one-time purchase of $19.95 only

Inventory Management Excel Template tracks all of your product supplies– whether you’re keeping tabs on all of your items. It is also a customizable template for your convenience and builds a perfect inventory system that suits you and your business. 

Pros: This basic template is a budget-friendly inventory spreadsheet that is suitable for small and new Etsy business owners. This will help Etsy owners to organize your inventory stocks and manage your sales orders.

Cons: Paid basic excel spreadsheet is usually with poor customer services. The spreadsheet is sometimes locked/protected, and formulas were not properly carried down throughout the spreadsheet. 

Additional Etsy Inventory Management Tip:

If you are a new Etsy Shop owner and perhaps don’t find the perfect Etsy spreadsheet template, you can always create your own! Here’s a DIY Etsy Inventory Spreadsheet for Beginners.  While it may appear challenging at first, it’ll be worth investing in documentation that you like! Because you have to keep business organized, and you’re more likely to do that if you enjoy the spreadsheets you’re using. Feel free to create a spreadsheet from scratch, or by taking inspiration from the Etsy spreadsheet templates we provided.


As an Etsy Shop owner, regardless of whether you are a newbie or big seller, you will need an Etsy Shop Inventory Spreadsheet. We hope these google sheets, excel sheets and other etsy spreadsheet templates were helpful. Be sure to do your own research on all the items we listed above and find the perfect fit for you! Once you have the right template to start with, you should be on your way to effectively organizing your inventory and growing your business! Good luck

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