How to Connect Etsy to Shopify in 5 minutes (2020 Guide)

If you are looking for how to connect Etsy to Shopify, bravo!

Because you are one of the few savvy e-commerce entrepreneurs who understand multichannel commerce potential!

Fun fact, e-commerce brands who sell on more than one channel have a shockingly higher growth rate, than those who don’t!

So bravo for you looking to sell on both Shopify and Etsy (or just looking to learn more)!

Be sure to follow this guide in detail and search for the little surprise I share towards the end! 😉

About Shopify (and why it doesn’t replace Etsy):

Shopify is a free e-commerce software that allows you to create professional online

Although it’s free to start, there are several advanced features you can unlock with a monthly subscription.

Here’s a quick list of their features and pricing you get with Shopify right out of the box:

shopify pricing

The basic shopify plan is usually good enough to get started. But unlike Etsy (or any marketplace) they don’t provide an easy way get new customers. And that’s why Etsy is the perfect compliment to Shopify stores.

About Etsy (and why you need Shopify too):

Etsy is a global online marketplace focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items.

Millions of shoppers go to Etsy.com to find cool and interesting products. And as seller, you have the opportunity to get in front of these new customers!

One big downside of relying completely on Etsy, is that while it’s good for finding first-time customers, it’s hard to build your own brand on there.

Imagine you sell jewelry. And your customer “Jessica” loves your earrings.

When Jessicas friend compliments her on her earrings and asks “where did you get those earrings”, she is going to say “Etsy” not your brand.

This is one small example of how Etsy limits your brand potential and overall business.

And that’s where Shopify comes in.

Why move Etsy to Shopify or sell on both?

Many people ask me, should I move from Etsy to Shopify?

And I have bad news for those asking that.

You are asking the wrong question.

The real question is why should I sell on both?

And the answer is simple – you grow faster and diversify revenue with both.

How to connect Etsy to Shopify in 5 minutes!

connect etsy shopify
This app helps you connect etsy and shopify in minutes!

Now that we know the benefits of selling on both platforms, let’s explore how to easily connect Etsy to Shopify.

Connecting these apps is so easy with Shopfunnel. You can connect and sync orders, products and inventory from Etsy to Shopify! Let me show you how to do each within 5 minutes or less.

a) How to import Etsy into Shopify

If you want to import etsy products into Shopify, here is how you do it! Simply go to your Etsy account, export your active listings as a CSV, and upload them into your Shopify Admin > Products Page > Import (as shown in image above).

b) How to import Shopify into Etsy

If you want to import Shopify products onto Etsy, this is what you should do! Install the Shopfunnel Etsy app, select the products you want to import, and click Publish!

How to sync Etsy to Shopify

Once you set up your product listings and imported onto the new sales channel of your choice, you are going to want to sync the two! This will keep your things organized and your business operating smoothly.

To Sync Etsy to Shopify, download Shopfunnel, create an automation to sync, configure the settings and click Publish. This will sync products, orders or inventory based on your settings.

Once you do, this will automatically sync your Etsy and Shopify stores based on your exact preference.

This is customizable so you can sync whatever you want (orders/inventory/product listings) and whenever you want (immediately/every 15 minutes/every day).


Setting up Etsy Shopify Inventory Sync [Video]

If you’re more of a visual learner, you can watch this video to set up Etsy Shopify Inventory Sync

You’ll notice the video is only 2 minutes and all you need is to install this Shopify Etsy Integration app, which is free to get started!

Once you do, you can sync your inventory levels automatically!

Import Etsy orders to Shopify

Another common question I get a lot is “how do i import etsy orders to shopify”

So let me tell you!

You can import etsy orders into shopify by using the “order automation”

As you’ll notice in the video. Just go to the Automations tab, click create automation, and click publish.

Once you do, this will automatically push your Etsy Orders into your Shopify account.

The benefits of this include more accurate sales reporting (everything’s in Shopify and labeled correctly), easier fulfillment, and so much more!

How to import Etsy Reviews to Shopify?

Another great question is how do I get the Etsy reviews I worked so hard for, into my new Shopify store?

Well, there is no automated way to do this, but there is this manual workflow.

First, Install a review app from the Shopify app store.

Then, navigate to your Etsy reviews.

To see your reviews:
1) Go to Etsy.com  and then click Shop Manager.
2) Click your personal shop name under “Sales Channels”.
3) Click Reviews or go down to the Reviews section.

From here, you can copy and paste your reviews from Etsy dashboard to to the matching product in your selected product reviews app:


How to move from etsy to Shopify

Hopefully all of the previous sections were helpful and helped you realize the potential of selling on both Etsy and Shopify. But if you are looking to move off Etsy entirely, and transition 100% to Shopify, you can follow the previous sections along with these exporting guides.

The main thing you will want to extract from Etsy is your product listings. You can get all of that from this How to export listings from etsy guide here. Simply take that info from the CSV file and put it into Shopify.

You can also check out this full migration from Etsy to Shopify guide.

Conclusion: Sell on Etsy with Shopify

Sell on both Etsy and Shopify.

That’s the advice that I give to every Etsy seller that I coach.

And I have a pretty good reason:

Etsy gives you a lot of traffic. And Shopify gives you a lot of control and business tools.

And hopefully with this guide, you will connect etsy to Shopify and grow your business faster!

Comment below what you think about this post and if you have any questions.

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