No Order Merging (Clickfunnel Shopify Integration Problem)

So you set up the Clickfunnels Shopify integration, an order comes in, and you noticed a MASSIVE problem!

Orders are not being sent to Shopify correctly!

The problem with Clickfunnels Shopify Integration:

No order merging with shopify clickfunnel integration

Each transaction from your funnel get’s sent to Shopify as individual orders.

Which means your analytics process, fulfillment process, and other third-party tools all break.

Great… thanks for the headache Brunson.

How to fix it:

In order to merge all funnel purchases into one shopify order (the way you want it) you need to install Shopfunnel.io

Once you do, all of your orders will merge properly (how you define them in the app). So our previous Joe Shmoe example would look like this with Shopfunnel:

Yay – Shopfunnel.io fixed it!

Shopfunnel.io is the only Shopify app that integrates Clickfunnels with Shopify properly!

It supports order merging, and avoids all of the other problems that the official Clickfunnel integration has.

Install it and try it for free today!

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