Clickfunnels And Aliexpress: Integrate Fast & Easy!

Look for an integration for Clickfunnels and Aliexpress? You’ve come to the right place!

Below is a fast and simple video tutorial on how to integrate these two apps.

Clickfunnels Aliexpress Integration Video tutorial

Click play to watch. A video transcript is available below.

Making all of your other Shopify apps work too!

The figure above outlines how the integration works. This is the best workflow to achieve the following benefits.

-Easy to set up. Just set up Clickfunnels to Shopfunnel.io. The app does the rest!
-Use your other tools like Oberlo, Shopify Analytics and Shopify Marketing Emails.
-It’s automated forever!
-All of your orders are centrally located in Shopify.

Learn more about Shopfunnel here. And feel free to check out the full graphic used in the video.

Video transcript

What’s going on, everybody hope you’re doing great! My name is Dom. I’m the integration guy and today we’re gonna be talking about how to integrate clickfunnels and Aliexpress click. Funnels is obviously one of the most popular sales tool to sell products, but the problem is it’s kind of complicated to set up in Aliexpress integration because they don’t natively support physical product sellers that well, it’s really designed for digital products. But don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to get this set up today, so this is going to be, in my opinion, the simplest and most efficient workflow for connecting these applications for a number of reasons. I’ll keep this as short as possible, but let’s jump right in so, if you’re, using these two tools, I’m going to assume you’re using Shopify as well, that’s the most popular tool that people use when they’re using these applications. So I’m assuming you guys, are using Shopify, and this is what I’ve seen most common. In my opinion, you should be using this to manage orders and manage the business at a higher level, because click funnels, like I said, doesn’t really support physical product sellers that well, but it’s a much better tool for selling. So I’m going to assume this is the workflow. This is what I’ve seen the most common, and this is the the first step to getting these applications integrated. The second step you’re going to want to use is a tool called shop funnel I owe – and this is the simplest way to get these orders into your favorite applications, and so what the workflow is gon na look like. Is this four-step process right here? So what you need to do is connect click funnels to shop, funnel bio, and this will automatically integrate everything else for you. So all you need to actually setup is this integration here, click funnels the shot, funnel dot, IO and chap funnel that IO? What it’ll do for you is automatically push your orders to Shopify and automatically push your orders to Aliexpress, and the reasons I like this workflow in particular, is because one all of your orders end up centrally located and Shopify, which, in my opinion, is best for physical Product sellers – the second thing I like about this is that it’s actually really easy to set up. You only need to connect click funnels and shop funnel once you get those two applications talking they’re gonna. Do everything else for you, they’re, gonna push the orders to Shopify and they’re gonna push the orders to Aliexpress, so there’s no other integration needed. It’S also very flexible. So if you have other tools outside of Aliexpress, maybe you’re using overload or maybe using other tools shop funnel is kind of the middleman to get all of your applications working improperly and synced properly, and you don’t need to setup anything else. It’S set up once and automated forever and it works with every other tool, which is my last point here. Why I like it so much all of your other Shopify tools, work like analytics. You can see customer lifetime value. All of these advanced tools. You probably use already will continue to work if you use shop funnel dot IO to integrate these applications. So that’s my favorite workflow. If you want to get started, there’s a link below you’re going to need a sign from shop, funnel that I hope, but it’s free to get started and there’s more resources below this video on how to integrate these applications. So thanks for watching, have a great day and good luck out there.

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