Clickfunnels And Oberlo: Easy & Fast Integration

If you’re looking for a Clickfunnels and Oberlo integration, you’ve come to the right place!

These two tools are an entrepreneurs’ dream. And once you complete this integration, you’ll be one of the many people who use Clickfunnels for more sales, and Oberlo for order fulfillment.

Let’s get started and connect Oberlo and Clickfunnels right now.

Clickfunnels and Oberlo Integration Video

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Oberlo and Clickfunnels Video transcript

What’s going on everybody, I hope you’re doing great. I’m Dom the integration guy and today we’re going to talk about how to integrate click funnels and Oberlo. Clickfunnels is obviously a very popular sales tool that you can use to sell customers increase your average order value and do so much more over. Oberlo is obviously one of the most popular fulfillment tools for drop shippers, and these tools are invaluable. If you’re trying to build and grow an e-commerce company. The problem is they’re kind of tricky to get connected and working together properly, but don’t worry today, I’m gonna show you exactly how I like to do this, my favorite workflow for integrating these two applications. Let’S jump right in so you can see on my screen here in the diagram. The end result is click funnels to overload that’s what we want. That’S what we’re gonna do. The first thing you need to do, though, is make sure that those click funnel orders are actually into Shopify right. If you’re, using these tools, you probably have a Shopify account, you actually need one and that’s. The first step is to get these two applications. Rather, these three applications in sync. So that’s like the prerequisite right, but the problem is it’s not actually easy to do this right. So what we’re gonna do is use an app called shot, funnel dot IO to get our orders into Shopify and thus over though so. The workflow is gon na. Look like this. It’S a four-step process, but it’s actually very simple, because all you need to do is get click funnels talking to shot funnel. That’S it men shot funnel, will push the orders to Shopify and push the orders to over them. For you, everything’s in sync, every and every piece of information is consistent across each tool. You use. So it’s very simple to get started and the benefits of doing this. The reason this is my favorite workflow is one all of your orders are centrally located in Shopify, which, in my opinion, is the best route to go. This is very simple: to set up, you actually only need to set up one step from click funnels to shop. Funnel right here, that’s all you need to do shop, funnels automated tool that will do the rest for you. So it’ll push your orders to Shopify and over lo, thus making all your information a sync across every tool which is great and the works automated forever. Once you set it up once it does it all for you, you never have to touch it again, which is awesome, no manual work right. Who loves that me? I don’t like working so you know. The last benefit is that this makes all other Shopify and commerce tools work like your analytics tools, for example, you can see a customer last by 5 value. All of these. This is the only workflow that makes all of your tools work properly, which is why it’s my favorite, it’s a simple, simple workflow, but this is how you integrate clickfunnels in over lo. You need a shop funnel that I’ll account to get started so I’ll link to that below. If you have any questions, let me know, but click the link below this video get started and start integrating click funnels and overload today, thanks for watching bye, bye,

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