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Clickfunnels and ShipStation: The Best Integration Available

If you’re looking to integrate Clickfunnels and ShipStation, you’ve come to the right place!

In the video below, you’ll learn how to connect Clickfunnels and Shipstation. With just one integration!

Video Tutorial: Integrate Shipstation and Clickfunnels

Also, feel free to view the graphic used in the video here.

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Video Transcript

What’s going on, everybody hope you’re doing great. My name is Dom, I’m the integration guy and today we’re going to be talking about how to integrate shipstation and click funnels. Let’s get started, so you can see my screen here. We have this nice little diagram to signify what we’re going to be integrating right. You have click kernels, you sell your products there and you have shipstation where you fulfill and manage your orders there right. We want to get these apps connected and integrated together. The problem is the native integration that clickfunnels offers to get click funnels in the shipped ship station is not the best, and it’s missing out on a few different areas. For most of you, guys, you’re going to also be using Shopify right. Shopify is the all-in-one tool that you use the manager, orders, customers, etc. So we actually want to get our orders in to click funnels from click funnels into Shopify. First right, this is my favorite workflow for combining these applications and making them all in sync. So what I like to do, when I’m working with these kind of projects is first integrate Shopify right, so I’m gon na drag this into our diagram. This way, we have all of our information in one centralized location, so we’re gonna get click funnels into Shopify. First, so if an order comes in, it comes from click funnels, it’s going to go to Shopify and then it’s gonna end up in shipstation right, that’s the ideal workflow, but there’s one other step. We need to include getting our app our orders from click funnels into Shopify itself. The best way to do that, in my opinion, is with an application called shop funnel, and so what this is gonna do is make sure that all of your orders appear properly. You can get fancy with your upsells and your creatives upsells and how you actually use click funnels. This is the most flexible tool for getting those orders, so the end result is, of course, to get click funnels orders into shipstation, but there’s a few steps here. You can see that we’re gon na do first, the orders going to come from click funnels, it’s going to be set to shop funnel and everything is automated from there and so shop funnel will do the work and get that order into Shopify and into shipstation. For you automatically, this is my favorite workflow for a number of reasons, which, first of all it’s it. This is the only way to have all of your orders and all of your information centralized into Shopify, which is, in my opinion, the best route to go. This is also very easy to set up. You really only need to set up one step and everything else is automated for you and the result is automated work forever right. So the only thing you actually need to connect is click funnels to shot funnel. Once you do that shot funnel, does all the work for you and there’s no other work needed. It’S really easy and simple to get started, and the last thing is is that this actually makes your commerce and other Shopify tools or third-party vendors tools, whatever they all work indefinitely right, because if you were gonna do any other workflow outside of this other tools. Would likely break so? This is my favorite workflow. This is how I integrate click funnels in shop click, funnels and shipstation and, of course, the tool we’re using to do this as shop funnel dot IO. So if you want to get started, it’s really easy and simple: they have a free trial, I’m gon na link to it below click the link below this video and get started and setup click funnels and integrate with shipstation with shop funnel battle. Thanks for watching have a great day!

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