Dropified and Clickfunnels: New Integration

If you’re looking for a way to integrate Clickfunnels and Dropified, you’ve come to the right place.

Dropified is a powerful tool for fulfilling orders. And Clickfunnels is fantastic for selling products while increasing your average order value.

But until now, it hasn’t been easy to connect these two powerful apps.

Let’s change that today! Follow along to connect these two apps right now.

Clickfunnels and Dropified Video tutorial

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Dropified Clickfunnels Video Transcript

What’s going on, everybody hope you’re doing great. My name is Dom, I’m the integration guy and today we’re gonna be talking about how to get click funnel orders into dropified. Dropified clickfunnels. So click funnel is obviously a very popular tool for creating sales pages and selling products and drop. A fight is a popular fulfillment tool that many people use to fulfill their orders. So what we’re gon na be doing in this video is showing you my favorite workflow, for integrating these two applications right. The end result is going to be someone purchases, something from your click funnels page and that order you will eventually see and fulfill through Java fide. So let’s get started. The first obvious. The obvious thing you’re gonna want to do is make sure that those orders coming in from click funnels are also going to appear in shop right. So if you’re using drop, off’ I’d you most likely use Shopify you’re gonna want to make sure that those applications all have the same information ie the same orders and everything’s up to date. So we’re gonna update this diagram to reflect this information, and you can see it’s a three-step process right now, but there’s one other thing: we want to set up really quick to make sure our orders are appearing properly. The best way to integrate these two applications themselves is with an app called shop, funnel kayo, and what this is going to do is it’s the most flexible and advanced tool for integrating click funnels to your other applications, and it’s gonna make sure all the information Is displayed properly and then all your tools are in sync properly so I’ll give you an example. Chop funnel has the flexibility to send orders from click funnels into your store, with the proper information. If you were doing upsells, for example – and you have an item that you sell and then an upsell, you can customize those orders to make sure they merge into one. There’S a lot of cool features that I like about shop funnel, but I oh, but this is the best workflow for integrating drop-side and click funnels and there’s a couple benefits of doing it. This way, there’s 4 steps, but it’s it’s worth doing it for a couple of different reasons. First of all, all of your orders are centrally located in Shopify, which i think is the best bet to go, because they have the most tools for managing customers. Viewing analytics things like this, it’s also very simple: to set this workflow up, you really only need to actually set up one step and that’s the click funnels to shop. The funnel part once you do this, everything else is automated for you. So you make a connection between click funnels and shot funnel in the shot funnel that i/o app and then from there. They automatically push that information to Shopify and drop it for you, it’s very simple, and this lasts forever. It’S automated work, you only setup one step and it lasts a lifetime, which was great, so you don’t have to do any more manual work, and the last thing is is that this workflow makes all of your other commerce tools, which are provide tools. Work like analytics things like this, where you can see customer analytics, for example, 910 value. These are all tools and features or benefits, rather that you can’t get unless you use this workflow. So this is the best way to integrate dropified and click funnels. I will link down below you need to get started with Shop Funnel dot io to get this set up. It’S free to get started. I will link the details below, but I hope this was helpful thanks for watching and have a great day, bye bye!

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