Sell more stuff, automatically.

Connect, grow and automate your sales channels. Thousands of Shopify merchants use Shopfunnel to sync sales channels and move inventory faster!



Easily connect Shopify to your favorite sales channels like Etsy, Clickfunnels and more!



Set up Automations that work for you and take things off your to-do list!



More sales with less work. That's the Shopfunnel promise!

Connect Shopify to your your favorite apps today!

Connect Shopify To Clickfunnels

Send Clickfunnel orders to Shopify in just a few clicks.

connect shopify to clickfunnels

connect shopify to etsy

Connect Shopify To Etsy

Easily connect Shopify to Etsy. Sync inventory, list products, manage orders and more!

And more to come!

More sales, less work!

"I just wanted to tell you that I am loving your app! I love that I can now send each product to my drafts too, instead of making them active right away. This app has helped our team so much! " -GreatPretenders

"Great app, it seamlessly integrates shopify + etsy! Like it a lot and very easy to use. I highly recommend." -Sun & Skies

"Super easy to apply, and a very responsive support team make me feel comfortable using this app. Glad to see some excellent tools like this here on Shopify!"-PortaPocket

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